About the Healthy Schools Toolkit

The Healthy Schools Toolkit was created as part of Together for Healthy and Successful Schools (THSS), an initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

The THSS initiative aims to better understand what it will take to merge health and education perspectives and advance real-world approaches that support health in schools, so that all schools can be places where good health goes hand-in-hand with success in school and life.

The work of the THSS initiative focuses on research, policy and strategic action and is being led by three RWJF grantee organizations, respectively: Washington University in St. Louis, Child Trends, and America’s Promise Alliance.

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Americas Promise Alliance

America’s Promise Alliance partnered with a team of community organizations to advance the efforts of six “acceleration sites” across the U.S. that support health and well-being in schools. Through its Every School Healthy campaign, America’s Promise is also amplifying youth voices and building demand to make healthy schools the norm in the United States.

Child Trends

Child Trends and its partners analyzed education policies to document their alignment with the WSCC model and create policy tools to help educators, policymakers, and the public understand the policy landscape influencing school health and student well-being in their states. The Child Trends team also developed a research-based framework for responding to trauma through policies.

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Washington University in St. Louis, through its Health Equity Works initiative and together with community and research partners, conducted research to determine the key people, systems, and messages necessary for implementing a healthy school model. The team developed a user-friendly and research-based toolkit to help school leaders build healthy communities that support the whole child.